Welcoming Cosmo!

Welcoming this lovely boy named Cosmo to our Little Angels family… Cosmo is 9 years old and has come to us from a private home. Cosmo is dog friendly and fine around children. Cosmo is extra special as he is disabled… Cosmo had a ruptured disc in his back and had surgery for this. However, Cosmo has been left with a permanent ‘wobble’ when walking and will need hydrotherapy alongside supplements to support him.


  1. Can you tell me where you are based please. I am in Sussex. I am looking to replace my lovely Staffie who died having pancreatic cancer at aged 5. Many thanks

  2. Oh, Cosmo is just adorable. We’re definitely interested if he’s still available. Have emailed the gmail address but don’t want to call and interrupt the weekend. Is there a preferred time to get in touch?

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your interest in Cosmo. Please pop us another email or get in touch via our facebook page. Many Thanks – LASR.

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