Murphy Has Arrived…

Murphy has arrived at Little Angels! Murphy is around 7 years old. Murphy is a very handsome boy and is really finding his paws now in his foster home. Murphy did arrive with a few sore patches on his skin and we are working with this so he is nice and comfortable again. Murphy loves humans and is great around children but he is quite cautious around other doggies.


  1. Would love to make Murphy part of our family. We have a massive garden and parks. We work from home so wont be alone. I have grown up with staffies so I understand their temperament.

  2. Would love to adopt Murphy.
    We lost our beloved Staffie cross in March to cancer, and out home is just too quiet
    Our house backs on to the park, and we have the river nearby, so lots of great walks.
    We are experienced dog owners, having her dogs for the last twenty odd years

  3. Im enquiring to see if murphy is still available. I recently had to have tasha put to sleep and looking for a dog to keep my other dog lady company. Bith tasha and lady are rescues. Lady is a deaf dog.

    • Hi Darren, yes Murphy is available. Sorry for your loss… please get in touch via our facebook page or email. Many Thanks, LASR

  4. Is Murphy still available? I have two little ones aged 5 and 7 who would love a dog! I am at home almost all day every day. We are a very outdoorsy family and I go running every day and would love a canine companion! I grew up with staffies so know and love this breed!

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Samantha – yes Murphy is available. Please either email us or get in touch with us via our facebook page to discuss! Many Thanks – LASR

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