Baby Ajay…

Welcoming Baby Ajay to our Little Angels family… Ajay is just 4 months old and has come from the pound. As you can see, he has come to us in a poor state and is very skinny and has quite a lot of marks on him and he has really just broken our hearts with those lovely eyes of his. Ajay is going to need some time in foster to relax and also so we can assess him and give him the veterinary attention he needs and get his weight up with some lovely grub!


  1. My heart is breaking seeing such awful state of this beautiful boy how can people be so cruel I hope this boy finds a special someone who will give him the much needed TLC 💜💜💜

    • Hi Michelle, thank you for your kind words! I am sure with some TLC he will be just brilliant again. Many Thanks, Little Angels Staffie Rescue.

      • Hi, i am interested in adopting gorgeous Ajay, please can you keep me updated on his progress, thank you Kellie Kabza x

  2. I would love to give this dog a loving home can you please get back to me if not this dog another dog in need I am willing to give a loving home

    • Hi Janet, thank you for your interest in Ajay. Ajay has come to us with some issues we need to keep an eye on – he is doing really well and seems to be improving, which is great! Please head on over to our facebook page as this is where we post regular updates on his progress. Many Thanks – Little Angels Staffie Rescue.

  3. Poor Ajay, heartbreaking to see the dreadful state this poor baby is in thank goodness your amazing team have rescued him. Get well soon little fella

  4. I would love to be considered to give this gorgeous wee man a very loving home. He would be spoiled with lots of walks and cuddles.

  5. Hi I would be more than happy to take this little one. Please let me know what I need to do to adopt him.

    • Hi Michael, Thanks for your interest in Ajay. Ajay needs someone who has experience of large breeds. Please message us over at facebook if you would like to discuss Ajay further. Many Thanks, Little Angels.

  6. Hi,

    We have recently lost our beloved staffy Daisy and are missing her massively as is our 4 year old lab.
    We’d love to rescue a staffy and are looking for a pup. We’ve just seen Ajay and would love to adopt him when he’s ready.

    • Hi Helen, thank you for your interest in Ajay. Ajay needs someone who has big breed experience as he is not a staffie. He could possibly live with a relaxed female dog or ideally be an only dog. Many Thanks – Little Angels.

  7. Hi. Firstly thankyou for the work you do.
    This is regarding Ajay or any other youngster who comes into your care. My family and I love staffies of all ages but because I have a 3 year old Staffy already and a senior cat I feel it would be best to adopt a youngster for harmony. We really can offer a dog a wonderful home as we do with our two now 🐾

    • Hello Sarah, thank you for your kind words. Ajay needs to be the only dog really and isn’t cat friendly sadly. However, it is best to keep up to date with all new arrivals on our facebook page 🙂 Many Thanks – Little Angels Staffie Rescue.

  8. I think its great you are doing a wonderful job, and so sad that some humans are evil when it comes to Staffies,i had 2 beautiful staffies Boss and Dave there were my bests friends unfortunately Boss past away August 2019 and I loss Dave May 20,i so miss them very much, I would so love to adopt a angel staffie when one becomes available .thank you

    • Hi Maria – thank you for your kind words. So sorry for your losses! Please leave us details either in an email or via our facebook page when you are ready, Many Thanks – Little Angels Staffie Rescue

  9. Hi have messaged you on our Facebook page. I a very interested in this beautiful boy I have have staffs my whole life growing up and would give him such a loving home

    • Hi Sophie, Ajay is not a staffie and is looking for someone with large breed experience and preferably a pet free home. Many Thanks – Little Angels Staffie Rescue

    • Hi Teresa, Ajay has not found a home yet! He is looking for a pet free home and someone who has experience of large breeds. Many Thanks – Little Angels Staffie Rescue

    • Hello Angela – Ajay needs a home that is pet free ideally and also needs an owner(s) who have large breed experience. Many Thanks – Little Angels Staffie Rescue

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