Mojo Has Found His Forever Home

Please all give a warm welcome to the stunning angel…. MOJO! Mojo is still just a baby really as he has only just turned 1 this year! Mojo has come from a private home and has settled in to life with his fosty Mum really well. He is a cheeky chap with a zest for life. Please watch this space and soon Mojo will be on the look out for his forever home!


    • Hi Lisa, so sorry to hear of the passing of Lola… thank you for your interest in Mojo, I’m afraid he is reserved for someone currently – sorry. Thanks, LASR

  1. Hi
    Mojo looks adorable.
    I am looking for a staffie .
    I have a large enclosed garden and live in a small welsh town with nothing but country walks and fields .
    Please can you let me know if mojo is still available .
    Kindest regards

    • Hello Robert – thank you for your interest in Mojo! Mojo is reserved for someone currently – sorry. Thanks, LASR

  2. Can I speak about mojo please looks exactly like much loved staff we lost years ago. Colour even same picture of him asleep in the chair! Even the same as asleep on chair as per photo thank you. Regards Peter

  3. Hi are you far from Peterborough? I currently have a 8 year old Staffordshire bull terrier buster who I’ve had from 7weeks old I rescued a staff cross husky from from pup but unfortunately she died over 6mths ago & I’ve been looking to rescue another one…I have 3 children 16 11 & 6 would be very interested in meeting mojo thank you.

    • Hello Zena, thanks for your enquiry. So sorry to hear of your loss! We feel that Mojo would be better suited with a female dog as a companion this time. Many Thanks – LASR.

  4. Hi I am looking to adopt, my family have had staffies for over 30 years but I lost my last girl a few years ago. I would prefer a younger dog as I have 2 cats so would be easier to train, Mojo is perfect!

  5. Me and my family are looking to rehome a young male and we really like mojo …
    We are 5 at home we will be loved a lot and have a lot oh people to play and cuddle…
    we are happy to meet him if is possible
    We live in Ipswich Suffolk in a home with a nice back yard and a park near home…

    • Good Evening Tiago, thank you for your interest in Mojo! Mojo is reserved for someone currently – sorry. Thanks, LASR

  6. Hi, we have had 2 male staffies in the past. 1st was a rescue, second from a pup. We now have 3 cats. We have a large enclosed garden in a quiet, residential area with dog neighbours both sides. We are looking for a young, male rescue and MOJO seems perfect! Please contact us and consider us?
    We have a bi

  7. What a lovely dog Mojo is! I am unsure where you are based but would be interested in rehoming Mojo if / when he is available.

  8. Mojo is a handsome chap, when this covid19 thing has passed I would love to give this young man his forever home.
    I’m based in co.durham and I’m willing to travel. I hope you will consider me as a potential parent for mojo.
    Keep up your great work

    • Hi Dave, thank you for your kind words and for your interest in Mojo… I’m afraid that Mojo is reserved for someone currently – sorry. Thanks, LASR

  9. Gorgeous boy, would love to give him a forever home! Do you know if he is good with children? If so, please keep me posted on when he becomes available for homing

  10. Mojo would fit into our family very well
    We lost our 2 staffs a couple of years ago now at the ages 15 and 12
    We feel that we are ready again to commit for another family member as we have missed them dearly
    Please let me know how we would go about meeting Mojo
    We have a large property that he would love
    Let me know what we could do next
    Thanks MR Nick Hart

    • Hello Nick thank you for your interest in Mojo and we are sorry for your loss of your two staffies… Mojo is reserved for someone currently – sorry. Thanks, LASR

  11. Hi good afternoon ive seen MOJO, is it possible to get some more information about him please? I know we cant do anything immediately but id like to show my interest

    Many thanks

    • Hi Clare, thank you for your enquiry regarding Mojo & children. Yes he can live with children but Mojo is currently reserved for someone. Many Thanks – LASR

  12. Would love to adopt Mojo. Have had staffies in the past, lost our Boo last March to cancer sadly. Now time to build new memories, share cuddles, love and the sofa with a new smiling staff

    • Hi Phillippa, thank you for your interest in Mojo and so sorry to hear of your recent loss. Mojo is reserved for someone currently – sorry. Thanks, LASR

  13. Hello Mojo! Would you please be able to let us know whether Mojo is still looking for home? We would love to hear from you 🙂 – thank you

  14. Ah would love to give mojo a forever home, live on my own and recently lost my husband, had staffie previous for 17 years, please advice of what l need to do.

    • Hi Lynda, thank you for your interest in Mojo, unfortunately he is already reserved for someone! Many Thanks, LASR

  15. Can you give me a little info about mojo please. Is he dog and cat friendly? X I have a little staffie girl who’s 16 month old and a rescue from dogs4rescue Manchester. I also have 2 elderly cats 17 and 16. I have just lost my 13 year old Male staffie 3 weeks ago😔 I live in Warrington Cheshire and have had staffies all my life xx

    • Good Afternoon Julie, thank you for your interest in Mojo. Unfortunately, Mojo is not cat friendly, sorry! Many Thanks – LASR

    • Hi Sara, Mojo has found his forever home. Teenagers would have been ok – cats not so much! Apologies. Many Thanks, Little Angels.

      • Thank you for letting me know, I’m happy for him. If you have any others please let me know. Baby Ajay looks adorable!

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