Arnold Has Arrived!

Introducing to you – Arnold! Arnold has come from a private rehome at the age of 13 years old. We think this has been tricky for Arnold to get his little head around at at first he did seem quite lost in the rescue. He has soon come out of his shell though and his cheeky personality is shining through… He loves to climb onto tables and eat whatever he can get his paws on… Welcome to the family Arnold.


  1. Arnold looks like a lovely dog and I’d love to give him a home I live alone and would be glad of the company that is always warm and loving from this breed of dog

    • Hello Kimberley, thank you for your message regarding Arnold… After some time in foster at Little Angels, Arnold has been adopted but is being kept on as a sponsor angel due to some ongoing health issues. So people can sponsor him monthly and we will continue to post regular updates on him on our facebook page for everyone to enjoy! Many Thanks, LASR

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